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The Rabbit:

Name: Galahad

Age: Adult

Gender: Male (Buck)

Coloring: brown, white under belly

Physical size: Medium

Current rank: Civilian (Aspiring Captain of Wide Patrols)


His chilhood is an insignificant memory to him, and all begins when Arthur-rah's son, Alixar had been kidnapped by his elder half-son, Modred-rah of another warren. MOdred had killed various rabbits in his escape and then disappeared without a trace. It had been Galahad whom had found Modred-rah's trail and told Arthur-rah.

Arthur-rah then formed up a great host, and marched with all of his Captains to attack the warren. He left only his mate, Guineverre-rah with the Captain of Grounds Secuirity, Gareth. The rest marched for three days, folling Galahad and his whide patrols on the thread before arrive to a large copse with an equal number of rabbits awaiting them.

It was a long battle, lasting two weeks or more, and four time they reached the entrance to the warren, and four times they failed. In the end, Modred-rah and all of his follwers escaped through a back entrance and Arthur-rah never got a hold of them. They left only Arthur-rah's son, Alixar dead.

From then followed many long wars in which many of his freinds had fallen. Now only very few of the great Captains still lived. Lancelot, Captain of the Owsla. Parisfal, Captain of the Owslafa. Gawain, Captain of Intelligence. and others. Then there was Galahad, Captain of the Wide Patrols. Or formally Captain of the Wide Patrols.

For being so liberal in a militaristic warren, he had been forced to leave, leaving his family and friends behind. But galahad was not one to fear going fowards. And into the unknown he wewnt using all his skills he'd learned as Captain of Wide Patrols there to find another warren. He didn't know if they ever found Mordred-rah, but he hoped they did.


The Human:

Name: Pip(used tobe Chris L.)

Gender: Male

Age: 16




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