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Frith's Song

The Rabbit:

Name: Frith's Song

Age: Young adult

Gender: Female (doe)

Coloring: See below

Physical size: Huge

Current rank: Ally


A reddish-amber coat that turns into a dark, almost black brown at her extremities. She has a small amount of white on her underside. She also has a golden stripe running the length of her back. Her eyes are a golden yellow.

Frith's Song is a very tall and slender hare. She has a thick, beautiful, and uniquely colored coat. Fine featured and a sweet personality, She was always being hassled by Proudfoot and the other bucks of her warren. After they left, she secretly followed from a distance. She can have a harsh temper, but it only comes out when she is highly provoked. She is fast and smart. A good ally for any warren.

Frith's Song was a hare that was in the war aganist Nepenthes. She was fed up with her Roi Proudfoot so she changed sides durring the battle. After the war she decided to live with the rabbits of the warren.


The Human:

Name: Courtney

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Screen Name: Eenyu Wolf




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