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The Rabbit:

Name: Flixweed

Age: Adult

Gender: Male (Buck)

Coloring: Cinnamon/Black/White

Physical size: extremely large

Current rank: Civilian (Aspiring Supreme Captain of Owsla)


Physically, Flixweed is a healthy brute of a rabbit; extremely powerful, and willing to fight honorably for his Chief Rabbit and Warren. His large size is attributed to the rumor that his father was a feral Flemish rabbit, therefore blessing Flixweed with a grand physical presence. His body is a solid cinnamon hue, his ears are tipped in black, and his face bears a white mask with eyes lined in cinnamon. His feet are black and his fur is quite plush. He is a quiet sort with a ready mind, and never misses a piece of information that may be useful for defense. He is a rabbit of few words, but when he does speak, it seems natural that others listen, for he tells only what is important to know. Flixweed is missing his left eye as the final result of being the only remaining survivor of the destroyed Staggergrass Warren of Berkshire, after escaping from an overzealous young labrador owned by a Man who was contracted to remove the rabbits from recently purchased land. He is supremely courageous, graced with a clever mind, and diplomatic. His belief is that the safety of a warren comes FIRST, as a safe environment is MANDATORY for the does to produce healthy offspring - and healthy offspring may grow into promising officers for the Owsla.


The Human:

Name: Gio

Gender: Male

Screen Name: GiovanniRamandla

E-mail: Private



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