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The Rabbit:

Name: El-Zorn

Age: Adult

Gender: Male (buck)

Coloring: Brown with dark brown spots and near-black patches over his eyes.

Physical size: Large

Current Rank: Civilian, Chief Advisor, Acting Rah


A large fit buck, El-Zorn lives up to his name. ("enemies destroyed," though usually used to denote a catastophe.) He won't, however, take unecessary risks. He will obey orders, and won't mind having to do other tasks required.

El-Zorn's top priority seems to be pleasing Septfoil-Rah. This is because that the Rah was very kind to him when he first joined the warren. Perhaps he is so dedicated for this reason because the Rah at his previous warren was unkind, but he has never spoken of his past.

Recently he disappeared from the warren, going on an adventure that faced him with a homba infected with the White Blindness, humans, almost drowning, and three pfeffas.


The Human:

Gender: Male



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