Warren Directory
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Warren Directory

It has come to my attention that Nepenthes warren isn't the only major warren about the area. I figured that it would be a smart idea to put the names, and locations of the other warrens up so that everyone is aware of them. After all, we wouldn't want to be ambused by a warren, especially if we had no prior knowledge of it. Also, there are wolf packs, and otters challs, and other such things that I have brought to your attention as well. Hopefully this will keep us more up to date.

I've divided the directory into three sections: Allies, Enemies, and Neutral. I'd say that they're pretty self-explanatory, but let me elaborate anyway. The Allies section is for warrens that we currently have a Non-Agression treaty with. The Enemies section is reserved for warrens that we are currently, or soon will be at war with. The Neutral section is for warrens that we either haven't come in contact with, or warrens that simply hold no place (not an enemy, or an ally) with Nepenthes.

After each of the warrens, I have put the individual who is in charge of running in. In other words, I've given the Rah of each warren. If there is none, or I was unsure, I've left the area blank.

If I have missed any surrounding warrens, then please forgive me, and feel free to let me know. I'll put them below as soon as possible.

Also, if you'd like to see a map of the relative locations of these warrens with mini descriptions of what they look like, then click here.


Nildro-inlé Warren
- Run by Gelphi-rah

Sweetgrass Pack
- Run by Kremuro


The Eye Of Inlé Warren
- Run by Earthbank-rah

Marli-Rah Warren
- Run by Firepatch-rah

Nú Beatha Warren
- Run by Agro-rah


Akline River Wolf Pack
- Run by Sybin

Alyssum Vine Warren
- Run by Alyssum-rah

Autumn Forest Warren
- Run by Maple-rah

Crystal Cree Wolf Pack
- Run by Sheskey

Garden Warren
- Run by Ivy-rah

New Inlé Warren
- Run by Trilliumrah

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