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The Rabbit:

Name: Dashwell

Age: Adult

Gender: Male (buck)

Coloring: brown w/ black ear tips and black tail

Physical size: Medium

Current Rank: Wide Patrol member (Aspiring Captain of Wide Patrols)


Dashwell was born with 2 older brothers and 1 younger sister. By 8 months old Dashwell decided that he was going nowhere there. He came from a family of outsiders and in that warren it was who you knew not what you did that got you positions. He left under a cover of darkness at new moon. With no moonlight to help see with he used a brook to guide and get away from his former warren. he pushed on until dawn before finding shelter to rest. After 5 months of wandering in the Wilderness, Dashwell came apon the Nepenthes warren and decided to stay.

Dashwell is a mean, lean speeding machine!. Dashwell has a very laid back, easy going personality once you get beyond his initial shyness. However he is all business on patrol. He expects the same respect that he gives others. His kmowledge of The Wilderness in top notch and his survival is a testament to his fighting and toughness.

Dashwell is not after the Chief rabbit's job but to settle down and stay in one place after a long journey.

Dashwell is a rabbit with a runner's body. he is extemely fast and agile. More tough than strong. his most visable scar is on his Fore shoulder from a Hawk attack and has been leery of them since.


The Human:

Gender: Male

Age: 46

Human screen name: Draney727



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