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The Rabbit:

Name: Darkstripe

Age: Adolescent

Gender: Male (buck)

Coloring: Grey and Black

Physical size: Medium

Current rank: Civilian (aspiring Owsla member)


Physical Description:

Darkstripe is a medium size rabbit with a mostly grey body and some sploches of black on him. He has a noticible stripe of Black fur going down the small of his back (hence where he got the name). His eyes are green but are soft. But if you look closely, you can see sorrow and pain from time to time. The only scars he has are three claw marks on his right shoulder.


I was born second of a litter of 6. My parents are Efrafan and my father had the mentality as such. My life was always hard because of my origins as well as a result of of how my father was. My father wasn't afraid of abusing the rest of the family even to the point of striking my mother with his paw. I became sick of it and tried to stick up for her resulting in the claw marks on my shoulder. My father said at that point "now you look like a true Efrafan."

A while later, my father was killed by a homba. Mother is now older and very frail and the rest of the family went their own ways. I joined the Owsla here but have yet to see combat. Well, combat in a war that is. Life in my family WAS combat. Because of my origins, I have the need to prove myself to everyone else.

I do have a short fuse and can get frustrated easily. However, I will not allow anyone and I mean anyone to abuse a doe. If they do, and the doe is not fighting back they will take it up with me.


The Human:

Gender: Male




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