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The Rabbit:

Name: Buttercup

Age: 2 years

Gender: Female (doe)

Coloring: Cream with brown tipped ears.

Physical size: Medium

Current rank: Civilian (aspiring medical rabbit)


AS A KITTEN: Buttercup lived in a harsh and strict warren of whom she can't remember the name, they had a slash on their shoulder as a identifacation mark and were beaten if caught trying to leave, a band of them including her mother tried to escape, they succeded but Buttercups father was caught and killed, one of her sisters was killed by a fox only hours later and they took shelter at a old warren with about 8 rabbits in it, this was then a warren of 20 rabbits because there were already 12 rabbits. AS AN ADOLESCENT: as an adolescent she grew up at this warren, they called it scarlet warren. she lived there happily with her mother, her remaining brothers and the other rabbits for a year and 3 months but one day their owsla did not return, though buttercup should not have been affected this warren was now doomed. a little while on more rabbits begun to dissapear rapidly and her mother not long after was one of them, she left the warren with her two remaining brothers and fled for a safer place. AS AN ADULT: she made a long journey to find a new warren, but sadly on the way lost one brother to a cat and the other joined a warren they had passed. she finally came upon a new home(nepenthes) and for a short while lived there peacefully but soon after was in a bad fight with a buck called brambleweed and was nearly killed, she is recovered now but has one remaining scar on her shoulder a hole in her left ear and a scar over her right eye. though all she has been through in her past scars her she merely takes it on the chin and holds out. she came to a close scrape with a buck called sonar who she challenged but after attacking once or twice backed off, not wanting to be in another serious fight.


The Human:




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