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The Rabbit:

Name: Brambleweed

Age: Adult

Gender: Male (buck)

Coloring: Black

Physical size: Large

Current rank: Civilian (aspiring Supreme Captain of Owsla)


Brambleweed is very good at fighting for his father tought him and pushed him to train, he had lived at a warren a long way from nepenthes and as an adolescent left there. he enjoys fighting but not for no reason, he can often be misunderstood but is headstrong and energetic. he joined nepenthes and not long after got into a bad scrape with a doe called buttercup who attacked him viciously and because of this now half his left ear is missing and he has a large slash on his leg remaining he has learnt from this fight and is more restrained now but he wishes to be in the owsla. he remembers one kind doe that looked after him when buttercup had left him in tatters and had already met her, she called herself lilly of the vally. he is aiming to protect his home and will do almost anything to ensure it but he remembered faintly something his mother had said to him when he was a kitten about a cautious nature will get you far though he sees it as silly because he is never cautious he could use this in times of danger.


The Human:




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