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The Rabbit:

Name: Aura

Age: Adolescent

Gender: Male (Buck)

Coloring: Agouti*

Physical size: Large

Current rank: Civilian


Though I am a large rabbit I have a way of looking small, even up close. I look messed up most of the time - partly because I've been a Hlessi for some time and also because I've generally got messy fur.

My fur is Agouti, which means that it has a very broad spectrum of colours, ranging from brownish to a ghostly grey depending on the season and the amount of light that falls upon me. Generally my fur is lighter (colour) in summer than winter and my ears have black tips constantly.

I am an escaped pet, and, as such, there are some things that I am unfamiliar with that all rabbits should know. I only survived initially because I was too large for smaller elil, like falcons and young cats, to bother with.

I am rather friendly and, when I'm not trying to stay alive, I enjoy exploring my surroundings.

Other than this my personality has yet to be truly discovered.

As far as I know, I'm strong, however, I've only fought once, before I escaped, and caused serious injury (which would have been fatal, I'm sure, but the humans did something to keep him, Sonar, alive). I was attacked first.


The Human:




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