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The Rabbit:

Name: Anisth-Hain

Age: Yearling

Gender: Female (Doe)

Coloring: Light-Gray

Physical size: Small

Current rank: Civilian


Physical description Overall, Anisth-Hain is a beautiful doe, despite some oversized features. Her thicj, soft coat is a light, shining gray, excluding white on her underbelly and large, clumsy paws. Her deep blue eyes are bright and large, giving her a fearful look. Her ears are also too big for her. Her large size and slenderness do little for her; she is only an average runner and a much worse than average fighter. Jumping, however, and swimming, are her specialties.

History Her whole life, she was a sheltered pet rabbit. Her birthplace was a breeder's farm, where she stayed until weaned. Her mother named each of her kittens in Lapine, not wanting any of her litter to have only names given by humans. Anisth-Hain was given to a family with two very young girls, who called her Moxie. They weren't rough with their pet like most children, probably because of continuous warnings of how sharp the teeth and claws of rabbits were. They were the reason the young doe learned to like water so much. After being told that rabbits could swim, the girls filled their inflatable pool with water and put Moxie in. At first she hated it, and both children were much scratched up by her struggle; but eventually, she decided it wasn’t so bad, and even learn to enjoy it.

She enjoyed a lot about her life as a pet, make no mistake. But sooner or later, the hutch seemed to grow smaller, and slowly, slowly, the girls lost interest in her. For days she would be stuck in the small space, wanting to romp, but unable to take more than three running steps. She soon got her opportunity for escape. Some time in the night, the staples holding the floor came loose, and the floor gave way beneath the sleeping lapine. Had she known anything about life on the other side of the picket fence, she would have stayed put and waited for the man to come put her back. But no such knowledge existed, and curiosity soon had her under the fence and out into the open world.

Though she had an encounter with an old cat (Which she ran away from with only a few scratches), she still, hasn't quite grasped what a dangerous place she's in yet. Luckily, she's stumbled upon this warren...

Persona Having been a hutch rabbit her whole life, she is naive and overly optimistic. She always tries to see the bright side in things. Cheerful to the point of it being annoying, Anisth is much inclined to laugh. She's active, playful, and occasionally mischievous. There isn't complete silliness beneath her ears, however. While not particularly bright on most subjects, and not too hard to fool, she has her clever moments. She's helpful, tries to make people happy, and eager to learn. She questions anything she thinks is wrong, and usually speaks her mind...unfortunately. Her inexperience can make her careless, though she'll probably learn to walk quietly soon enough. While friendly and talkative, she knows when to keep quiet. She is not at all mean-spirited, and hardly ever gets irritated. The doe has a lot of curiosity, but also fear; it's hard to predict which one will rule out the other.


The Human:

Name: Arctic

Age: 14




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